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How can you participate in a contest or poll


If you have received an invitation email, follow the link provided in the email. If you have found a contest or poll that you are interested, you can participate by clicking on the icon for the contest or icon for the poll. Note that finding a contest or poll doesn't necessarily mean that you can participate in that contest or poll. However you can view the result of the contest or poll, or you may be allowed to score a contest in one or more categories. Contest or poll owners can restrict participations base on the certain criteria such as country, state, or age. You may be eligible to participate in the contest or poll if your "Account Profile" is updated and meets the contest or poll participation criteria.

For Contests

Once you get to the join contest page you can view the contest creator, title, category (Accepted file format), and description and rules. Use the browse button to select the file that you want to upload from your computer. Your file name won't be displayed by the website only the file caption will be displayed for viewers. Wait for your file to be uploaded. This will take sometime and it depends on your internet connection speed. Make sure that you don't submit files out of acceptable size provided in the following table. If the file accepted by the website it will show the file submitted and its caption. You can click on the file name to view your submission in the contest. You can also delete your file or change your caption by clicking on the "Delete" button or "Update Captions" button.

For Polls

If you are allowed to view the contest, you can click on the icon of the poll from the list of the polls provided by search result or most recent poll page. Select one of the questions and provide your comment (optional) then click on submit. If you have already voted for the poll you can change your vote till the end date of the poll.

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